Basic Issue Weapons and Ammunition Pouches

  • Carbine, Cal, .30, M1A1 (Carbine)
  • Rifle, Sniper, Cal, .30, M1903A4 with Scope (Sniper)
  • Rifle, Cal, .30, M1 (Garand)
  • Submachinegun, Cal, .45, M1 or M1A1 (Thompson)
  • Submachinegun, Cal, .45, M3 or M3A1 (Grease Gun)
  • Machinegun, Cal, .30, M1919A4 or M1919A6 (Browning Light Machinegun)

They Got the Guts Poster

Member of Able Company must have a pistol belt with appropriate pouches or a cartridge belt appropriate for their weapon

  • Belt, Pistl, M1910 or M1936, OD#3
    Belt, Cartridge, M1923, OD#3
  • Pouch, Rigger, Small, OD#3
  • Pouch, Rigger, Medium, OD#3
  • Pouch, Magazine, 5-Cell, OD#3
  • Pouch, Magazine, Cal, .30, OD#3
  • Bag, Magazine, OD#3
  • Bag, General Purpose with strap, OD#3 or OD#7