Basic Issue Field Equipment

US Means US Poster
  • Pack, Field, M1936, OD#3
  • Pouch, Field Dressing, M1910 or M1942
  • Dressing, Field, Carlisle
  • Canteen, M1910 or M1942
  • Cover, Canteen, M1910 or M1941 mounted, OD#3
  • Cup, Canteen, M1910
  • Entrenching Tool, Shovel, M1910 (Standard Issue or Airborne Modified) with Carrier, Entrenching Tool, Shovel M1910
    Shovel, Folding, M1943 with Cover, Shovel, Folding, M1943, 1st or 2nd Pattern, OD#3 or OD#7
  • Helemet, M1C or M2, with white Heart unit marking with tick mark at the 3 o'clock position
  • Helmet, Net, Camouflage, 2 inch or 1/2 inch pattern, OD#3 or OD#7