Able Company

Museum of the American G.I.: 16-18 March 2012

Junior paratroopers in the machine gun pit
If they had the keys they would've driven off the the jeep
Steering more thing you can fix with a ball peen hammer
Gen. Patton from the 3rd Army Living History Group
The Mission Brief
The approach
Moving out
Ammo distribution point
How many troopers can you fit in a scout car?
White M3 Scout car and M3 Half-Track Personnel carrier
M8 Greyhound armored car
M4 Sherman medium tank
Hey!? You guys aren't I in the right place?
Knocked out German Stug III assualt gun
Paratroopers forming up after the battle
Waiting for follow on orders
Rallying around "Misfit" after the battle
Back in camp
How did I break the firing pin!?
Jeep talk
The business end of the Browning
Headspacing the light maching gun
Did you not hear me the first time Trooper?!
Test fire successful
The camouflaged Browning machine gun position
Under the camouflage net
The M2 Mortar and accompanying equipment
M49A2 60-mm Mortar rounds
Weapons and ammunition
Let's try this again
Goofing off in camp
Able Company with some standard weapons and equipment