Field Manuals

Field Manuals are the primary means through which doctrine, tactics, and techniques are diseminated across the Army

Technical Manuals

Technical Manuals contain specific technical information covering a variety of topics

Tables of Organization and Equipment

Tables of Organization list basic manning and some equipment requirements for various types and echelons of units. In 1944 the Department of the Army began to publish Tables of Organization and Equipment that included detailed listings of organic unit equipment in additon to the manning requirements for units

APO Listings

The Army Post Office Listings detail the unit mailing addressed for various periods of time.

Special Series

The Military Intelligence Service publication of the Special Series is to provide offidcers with reasonably confirmed information from official and other reliable sources regarding how the enemy conducts battle.

Catalogue of Standard Ordance Items

This document provides detailed developmental and technical information on standard and limited standard equipment in service at the time of publication.

More manuals and documents may be viewed and downloaded from the United States Army, Army Heritage Collection Online