Unit Activities

Able Company is based in Texas. 101st Eagle Patch The unit uses a variety of vintage and accurately reproduced uniforms, equipment, and weapons to depict the lives of WWII Paratroopers. Able Company members take great pride in the original equipment they have restored which include a variety of weapons, radios, vehicles, and other equipment.

Members of the unit experience history as they wear the same uniforms and equipment as Able Company troopers did during WWII. Unit members conduct research to increase their knowledge and practice tasks paratroopers performed during WWII. These types of activities permit unit members to better understand the lives of the men they portray and appreciate their contributions to the defeat of the Axis Powers in WWII.

Able Company participates in living history, public displays, recreated battles, parades, and other community events across Texas and the surrounding states. Often these events include other living history units as well as WWII era trucks, armored vehicles, tanks, and combat aircraft.

Rules and Bylaws

Able Company is governed by comprehensive rules and bylaws. The Able Company Rules and Bylaws are deigned to establish and maintain the highest levels of safety and authenticity. The Rules and Bylaws detail the structure and operation of Able Company as well as the required conduct of its members.

Unit Rules and Bylaws