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Fort Washita WWII Weekend

Public display and battle dictating the western European theater. Displays will include unit from both sides that fought in the western European theater of war. These can include the 10th Mtn, 101 AB, 3rd Inf divisions and the SS and FJ German units. Period vehicles will also be on display as the landscape provides amble oportunity to show case the abilities of WWII military vehicles.

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Date: 24 - 25 February 2018
Venue: Durant, Oklahoma

American Museum of the American GI Open House

Come explore WWI – WWII Military History Displays, vehicles and the only authentic WWI trench in Texas! On Saturday, you will witness the roar of tanks during our WWII Battle reenactment. Then come back to see the AEF go “Over the Top” in a WWI trench battle!

Website: 2018 Living History Weekend
Date: 24 - 25 March 2018
Venue: College Station, Texas

Muster Day 2018

Living history exhibits, historic weapons firing demos, military vehicle rides, historic and current military vehicle and aircraft displays, and 36th Division band concert. recreating the battle of Montelimar in September 1944, when the 36th Infantry Division almost cut off the retreat of the German 19th Army following the invasion of Southern France. This will be a vehicle heavy event. Besides the museum's Sherman tank, M3 halftrack and Hetzer, there will be a Stug III, German halftrack, M8 Armored Car, M5 Stuart Tank, and an additional Sherman Tank. Pre-Registration required. Photo ID required for admission to Camp Mabry. Contact the Texas Military Forces Museum at (512) 782-5770 or email Jeffrey Hunt, Museum Director.

Sponsor: Texas Military Forces Museum
Date: April 2018
Venue: Camp Mabry, Austin, Texas

Audie Murphy Museum

Public display of life in the paratroopers. Able Co. will be conducting a living history camp complete with full working field kitchen, and mess, weapons and ammuniton displays, radios, jeeps, and a fully packed T-5 parachute.

Sponsor: Audie Murphy/American Cotton Museum
Date: May 2018
Venue: Greenville, Texas

Wings Over Dallas Airshow

Static display and flying WWII aircraft including the B-29 FIFI, B-24, a B-17, a P-51, a C-47 and several other planes of the era. Also included will be several restored military vehicles. Able Company will set up tents, display weapons and gear typically used by members of the 101st Airborne and talk with the public about that unit and those items.

Sponsor: Commemorative Air Force
Date: TBA
Venue: Dallas Executive Airport, Dallas, Texas

Waxahachie WWII Weekend

1940s and WWII event in and around Waxahachie Town Square. Reenacted battles for train depot and bridge as well as Allied and Axis camps. See Event Flier for more details. For additional information visit the Waxahachie WWII Weekend Yahoo! Group Facebook page for more information.

Sponsor: City of Waxahachie
Date: 10 - 11 November 2018
Venue: Waxahachie, Texas

Please note that these dates are subject to change, all changes will be posted to our Facebook page and/or calendar prior to the event. Events may be added/dropped depending on host venue. For past events, please visit our scrapbook page.

We are always looking for new events, if you would like Able Company to attend a WWII themed event, please email us the dates, details and location to info@ablecompany502pir.org.